Bakery / Catering

24 hour notice is preferred. If you don’t have 24 hours call us and we’ll do our best!
Call 319-242-7279 to place order.

Scones & Suitcases

One Suitcase and a Dozen Scones | 34.95
Two Suitcases and a Dozen Scones | 46.95

Suitcase with 8 cups of coffee of your choice.
Choose from chocolate chip, cranberry orange, or toffee scones.


Lunch Box | 8.50

All lunch boxes served with salad, chips, and a cookie. 6 meal minimum.

Sandwich Menu
Avocadoavocado, muenster, pear, romaine, and red pepper relish
Toasted Cheese ­| cheddar, muenster, pear, and ginger cranberry compote
Turkey Club ­| turkey, bacon, muenster, romaine, red pepper relish
Salamihard salami, cheddar, spicy brown mustard
Chicken Saladhouse chicken salad, romaine